Ability Network
Case Study

Lead reactivation program

As a response to the issue of having thousands of cold leads who just “sit there” having exhausted their nurturing flows, ABILITY Network and Leadonance have created a custom-tailored solution that continuously nurtures cold leads by automatically converting ABILITY Network WordPress blog posts into Marketo dynamic newsletters.

The new dynamic newsletter allows ABILITY Network to re-engage these cold leads with the content from the latest WordPress blog posts with current industry-related news, to preserve thought leadership and to stay in touch with them even if they have previously dropped out of the conversation.

IDNow Case Study

IDnow Case Study

Web Personalization & Predictive Content Implementation

IDnow is a leading identity-proofing platform provider in Europe with a vision to make the connected world a safer place. Even though they had rich customer data, they were unable to maximize the impact of this to drive conversion, upsell, and engagement as the base Marketo package is only able to personalize landing page content. So they upgraded their Marketo package to include two new modules: Web Personalization and Predictive Content, and reached out to Leadonance to assist with bringing these new modules to life.

Leadonance created campaigns leveraging the new Web Personalization and Predictive Content to provide more targeted and relevant web and email experiences.

Case Study

Marketing Automation

WEBINAR.RU is a Russian IT company that provides a platform for hosting webinars. Email is one of its core means of communicating with active and potential clients. While informing subscribers about internal events (educational programs, blog updates, etc.), email marketing helps increase demand for the technology and outlines the possibilities and advantages of the service as it addresses the main concerns of potential clients.

Leadonance developed nurturing as part of Webinar’s Marketo platform to give new leads a convenient introduction to the platform during the free trial period.