“Webinar’s adoption of Marketo proved to be a serious investment in the efficiency of our marketing and sales. These results allow us to, firstly, deem the investment successful, and, secondly, to set an ambitious goal – to double our commercial indicators without increasing our marketing budgets.”
— DENNIS SOBE-PANEK Marketing Director, Webinar.ru

Case Study

Marketing Automation

WEBINAR.RU is a Russian IT company that provides a platform for hosting webinars. Email is one of its core means of communicating with active and potential clients. While informing subscribers about internal events (educational programs, blog updates, etc.), email marketing helps increase demand for the technology and outlines the possibilities and advantages of the service as it addresses the main concerns of potential clients.

Leadonance developed nurturing as part of Webinar’s Marketo platform to give new leads a convenient introduction to the platform during the free trial period.