How to use segmentations for RCE reporting.

We had a task to create a report in RCE, based on the “Lead Source” attribute, considering the custom segments “Mailable” and “Unmailable”. This was necessary for analyzing the origin of high-quality leads. However, we have noticed that among the standard lead attributes in RСE, there is no segmentation. 

To solve this problem, our team created a new field in Marketo, setting up its update logic, and synchronizing it with RCE. Here’s how we accomplished this:

  1. Log in to your Adobe Marketo account and go to the “Admin” section.
  2. Select “Field Management” and then “New Custom Field.”

  1. Choose “string” for the field type and enter “Mailable” as the field name.

  1. Use a trigger smart campaign to track segmentation changes and populate the field “Mailable”.
  2. Next, navigate to the Revenue Cycle Explorer in your Adobe Marketo account.
  3. Select the field you’ve just created and click Edit Sync Option.
  4. Now you need to choose between a Dimension and Metric. Dimensions are used to describe what the data is about, while Metrics are used to quantify the data. So, your choice is “Dimension”

  1. Save the changes. Please, note that synchronizing data with Revenue Cycle Explorer takes approximately 24 hours Plan ahead!

By creating a new field and synchronizing it with RCE, you can greatly enhance the usefulness and impact of the information you’re able to gather, and help you make informed decisions.

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